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Houston Chamber of Commerce

The Houston Chamber of Commerce uses modern technology to network our members and to create the perfect environment for business-to-business referrals.  Our unique software allows members to easily refer each other to our friends, family, and business associates.  Everyone knows the best advertising in the world is word of mouth! Our proprietary platform allows members to easily refer each other with a few touches on your smartphone.

Members can post special offers and share relevant information about their business so that other members can get to know them. Imagine the entire Chamber of Commerce becoming a massive referral source for your business.

We have developed the Power 100 group to facilitate referrals within the Chamber. This concept creates a referral network of 100 members who offer different products and services.  This helps avoid competition within the group for those awesome word of mouth business referrals!

Our unique software platform includes a digital town square called the Chamber Feed.  Members can post offers to their Power 100 group and easily share with their contacts allowing the post to potentially go viral.

Our Power 100 groups can access the directory of members and direct message each other.  Members can choose to email or make a phone call in seconds.  Our members send their business referrals to each other through our referral portal. The referral portal sends the Chamber member the potential customers information and simultaneously sends the customer the contact profile page of the member.  This makes it easy for both parties to reach out to one another and DO BUSINESS!

Our software platform archives all referrals you receive so that you may retrieve the contact information to offer additional promotions.

Why Us

We believe most business owners join the local Chamber of Commerce for several reasons.  To network with other business owners, to get business referrals, and to enhance their reputation in the community. Businesses join to get advocacy from the Chamber with local municipalities and form business partnerships to promote their business.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment of time-tested networking using the latest in technology. Our team makes driving business referrals to our members our number one priority. We offer five membership programs that are designed to get customers through your doors.

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